Western Connecticut Health Network

WCHN is a health network committed to delivering personalized care without compromise. Comprised of three nationally-recognized hospitals, Norwalk Hospital, Danbury Hospital, and New Milford Hospital, WCHN makes it their mission to improve the lives of the people in their communities. They put patients at the center of everything they do.

The Challenge

A result of a merger of three hospitals, WCHN sought to define a new brand voice in the digital space and connect with the community. Many people think of hospitals as a place to go when they have an emergency or illness, but we aimed to change this mentality.

The hospitals are a community institution, and we wanted to make more people aware of all of the expertise and care available to them with WCHN.

The Solution

There were opportunities to drive search interest, improve SEO, and engage with the online community in the footprint of each hospital. We partnered with the team at WCHN to amplify their current efforts and assist with social media, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization. Together, we:

  • Implemented new organic and paid strategies for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for all hospitals
  • Streamlined the content planning and advertising process
  • Established a content strategy, creating and curating content to promote various service lines, patient stories, events, and health & wellness information

The Result

As a result of our partnership with the WCHN team, traffic, engagement, and conversions have all dramatically increased across the board for all three hospitals.

  • Social media audiences have increased over 2000%
  • Through a combination of organic and paid strategies, Facebook page impressions have increased from ~30K per month to over 2MM per month
  • Dramatic increase in engagement rates on all social channels
  • Traffic to hospital websites has increased +30% from optimizations made through social media, search engine optimization and paid search