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All Points Digital (APD) is a web development company that delivers high quality sites and applications from award-winning engineers (not just some guy who knows a guy who can “code”). You love your business and your company deserves a partner with the same passion for its success. Team with APD and, together, we will drive online return-on-investment through unmatched expertise, honesty, and hard work.

Web development is more than building just a website.

APD provides industry leading website developers, along with digital marketing strategy and execution. Our development team consists of an in-house web, application, and e-commerce development staff who have not only delivered dozens of websites, but who hold patents in software engineering and who have developed successful commercial software.

Working with our team means working with a professional web development company that puts your interests first. We don’t suggest fads or the cool new thing. We look at your business and how your customers engage with your sales team. By understanding how your business operates and what you want your site to emphasize, we can design a layout and flow that improves the customer journey. Some of our web design and development expertise include:

  • Website Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Web Maintenance
  • Landing Pages
  • Custom App Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • WordPress, Shopify and Other Platforms
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What Makes APD Stand Out as a Premier Website Developer

APD provides industry leading website developers. For many, if not all, website developers, being knowledgeable about coding is their most important attribute. We are experts in multiple coding languages and the leading platforms (such as WordPress and Shopify), but what makes us stand out is our emphasis on your goals.

We look to partner with our clients and develop a lasting business relationship. We like to start our engagements by understanding the purpose of your site. For example, some companies want a simple site that includes high level information. We call this a “business card” site because it should emphasize contact information with a clear call-to-action (CTA). Conversely, if you are an e-commerce company, then your site should focus on your products and the customer journey. Both sites require “website developers,” but they really require knowledge about how you sell to your customers.

Too often we work with new clients that do not like their current site because they were “strong armed” into various features by designers or development teams. This should not happen!

All Points Digital offers direct access to the highest level of website development expertise available anywhere in the industry. Working with us means working with a team that holds themselves fully accountable for generating results.

All Points Digital is Experienced at Web Design Company in CT

Most digital marketing companies (and in fact, most technology companies) have lousy developers, because most developers are lousy. They don’t do a bad job on purpose, but it’s due to supply and demand. The need for high-quality engineers is tremendous, so they are exceedingly tough to find. The developers that are available are rarely local, which can lead to communication problems.

We have real, local, professional engineers on staff. The team we hire are not just “coders,” but true experts with sterling academic credentials and patented commercial innovations.

Whether it’s automating leads from your website to your operations center, designing a custom application to capture customer information, or enabling another type of business workflow, we don’t sling code. At APD, we craft solutions.

Most importantly, we commit ourselves to full accountability. We have faith in expertise, but know we are not infallible. APD is a straight-shooting partner not afraid of telling the tough truth or asking challenging questions in the interest of advancing your business goals.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to help with your website design and development needs, contact APD today.

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