How All Points Digital Can Improve Your Business Process Automation

As consumers continue to move online to find everything they might need, your company needs to keep up.

Business automation is more than adding a CRM system.

All Points Digital (APD) provides industry-leading business process automation solutions, along with digital marketing strategy and execution. Our development team consists of an in-house web, application, and e-commerce development staff who have not only delivered dozens of websites, but who hold patents in software engineering and who have developed successful commercial software.

As an organization, we take a “numbers first” approach that is balanced with a personal touch. We view our company as family, so we know not everything should be based on numbers only. However, we believe that data is the best source to make informed decisions. Business process automation helps capture accurate information about your business. From potential customers to sales data, our team can help you make better decisions. Some of our business automation activities include:

  • CRM Implementation and Optimization
  • Automated Marketing Workflows
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Constant Contact
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What is Business Automation?

At its core, business automation is using technology (or software applications) to perform a repetitive task. Frequently, companies look at CRM automation as the first step in utilizing technology to save their employees time (and ultimately money). Customer relationship management (CRM) tools began as ways to capture customer information and now encompass everything from deal management, forecasting, and reporting as well as managing, tracking and automating outreach to prospects and clients.

At All Points Digital, we are well versed in CRM automation, along with the leading email CRM software applications. We have the technical expertise to help you simplify your email marketing efforts and sync your CRM database to your email provider. However, we can do much more!

Do you need a custom business workflow solution?

Like every team at All Points Digital, our developers are not experts in one product. We look at your existing tech stack and make recommendations that fit into the current architecture if there is a short-term fix. As industry experts, we also know the best-in-class software products. We take pride in making (and executing) recommendations that fit your business needs.

All Points Digital Provides Business Workflow Solutions

At APD, we take pride in learning about your current technology and making recommendations about its core functionality. From there, we provide business workflow solutions that are customized to your existing software and your end goals. Ultimately, we work with you to create a central repository of data to enable personalized and relevant automation of your business workflow.

We have real, local, professional engineers that love digging into the weeds of software capabilities. The team we hire are not coders, but true software experts with sterling academic credentials and patented commercial innovations.

Whether it’s automating leads from your website to your operations center, designing a custom application to capture customer information, or enabling another type of business workflow, we don’t sling code. All Points Digital crafts solutions.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to improve your business automation processes to simplify your business, contact APD today.

Our team is ready to help yours.

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