VertitechIT is a business-to-business IT consultancy focused on delivering excellence through expertise and exceptional service. They have a strong focus on healthcare clients, where they compete with independent fly-by-night contractors, in-house alternatives, and large IT services firms.

The Challenge

VertitechIT looked to grow in a commoditized, crowded and complex space. They were searching for ways to stand out from the crowd and be heard above the noise.

The Solution

APD collaborated VertitechIT’s marketing team to design a content marketing campaign. The teams authored a growing portfolio of content pieces, blogs and other articles,  written in a unique voice that is both irreverent and expert. Topics are cultivated based on analysis of related online interest, using keyword research and social listening. Content pieces are then softly promoted through outreach to contributing influencers and like-minded bloggers.

In order to amplify the return, APD helped VertitechIT identify and capitalize an opportunity to migrate the company’s existing site to a more marketing-friendly WordPress environment.  Just several short months later, the new site with a refreshed look was live, and the non-technical staff trained and armed with a new ability to flexibly maintain their web presence.

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content development, creation and promotion
  • New website built for marketing

The Result

VertitechIT’s successful content marketing initiative has bolstered the organization’s visibility and enabled them to better support their sales team.

  • 1500% increase in website visitors over 16 months
  • These activities have also served as an effective complement to the boots-on-the-ground sales team, for whom these content assets serve as proof statements confirming their advertised expertise