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Global Gifting Franchise

This United States-based gifting franchise business specializes in celebrating special moments with perfectly designed gifts and treats.
How does a national business, which is already successful, expand their customer base?
  • Be the best at what you do and
  • Utilize the power of digital marketing to expand your presence on both national and local scales.
This business wanted to expand their customer base by investing in an innovative content strategy that would focus on increasing organic traffic.

The Challenge

All Points Digital (APD) partnered with this national brand to help them achieve their business goals. The overall goal was to implement and maintain a content strategy that went beyond creating a library of quality content. More specifically, APD needed to develop a content strategy that not only followed best practices, but expanded the customer base and introduced the brand to new opportunities. The client’s digital marketing had to be consistently created, promoted, and linked to and from high quality content.

In addition, the national gifting brand asked APD to create a comprehensive content strategy that expanded their reputation as a birthday and funeral gift. The content strategy had to align with their brand identity around celebrating life’s special moments with the right gift. By identifying key moments in which someone might be trying to digitally search for an appropriate gift or treat for friends or family, this key brand could appear in the search results and expand its customer base, and thus, increase its revenue.

The ongoing challenge: generate a content marketing strategy that draws on interesting, applicable occasions in order to grow their customer base and demonstrate a return on investment of content marketing efforts.

The Solution

The APD team understood that it was important for this national brand to invest in blog content as well as more specific material throughout the site that was tangential to the product catalog. It was imperative to connect the brand’s products with moments in time as potential buyers go online to find the perfect gift.

APD encouraged the client to take a step back from online branded content and associated topics and, instead, focus content efforts on connecting the brand and product as the answer to a question their future customer is searching. The content marketing strategy needed to address the key question: “What is the right gift for this occasion?”.

It was clear to APD that by investing in digital content that was tangential to the core ethos of the brand, the customer base grew significantly. Content marketing helps increase brand awareness and introduce new customers to what the company provides. Through a variety of series around all types of gifts and the best gifts for every occasion–including the best gifts delivered–the comprehensive content strategy captured a wider net of customer search behavior and, thus, increased the revenue of the already nationally successful business.

The Result

By aligning content marketing tactics to the company’s specific goals, the result of the partnership between APD and this United States-based gifting franchise business far exceeded expectations. While the team began with a goal to increase online traffic by 5%, the results of implementing this targeted strategy throughout the website resulted in a 90% increase in new users. Plus, the company saw a 95.5% increase in revenue related to non-brand organic search results. These results speak for themselves.

Furthermore, APD’s comprehensive content strategy prepared the global brand for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The domain authority of the site was steadily increasing as new content was deployed. Additionally, the blog already contained delivery-focused keywords as part of the tangential keyword efforts. As the world shifted in 2020 and search behavior switched to delivery-related terms, their existing content increased in the rankings and captured these growing search queries. Due to the comprehensive content strategy, the site was prepared to convert new search queries into customers.

This partnership clearly demonstrates that a wide net of content (tangential or not) to your core business products that aligns with your core demographic allows your company to increase your revenue, while preparing your brand for the unknown.