Aerial Equipment Parts

Aerial Equipment Parts (AEP) is an equipment parts wholesaler focused on the aerial lift industry. Aerial lifts are paramount in industrial sectors, such as telecommunications, warehouses, and farming, among others. AEP focuses on the “retail” market and connects niche buyers with the replacement products they need to keep their fleet running.

The Challenge

Aerial Equipment Parts was looking for a digital marketing partner to help increase brand awareness and drive net new sales through enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. While AEP has always provided excellent service, they had opportunities to grow their customer base. They began their partnership with All Points Digital (APD) with the standard goal to grow their business. More specifically, AEP and APD formed a partnership in order to leverage AEP’s digital content and develop a more advanced technical SEO strategy to improve website traffic, connect with their ideal buyer, and grow their presence in the market.

The Solution

The All Points Digital team worked with Aerial Equipment Parts to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy. To begin, they conducted an assessment of the technical SEO needs. APD also held a discussion around leveraging keyword research and search volume data to guide content creation as well as improving product names.

Once complete, this initial assessment led to the following strategic decisions:

  • AEP required a unique SEO solution because they sell close to 8000 SKUs.
  • APD and AEP developed a template that included target keywords based on the product categories to update title tags, headers and meta descriptions.
  • APD and AEP also deployed a content marketing strategy to target more generic keywords related to the industry, along with long tail keywords.

After these SEO tactics were underway, the All Points Digital team suggested including paid ads as part of the overall online marketing and shopping strategy. The Aerial Team agreed to allocate a budget to Google Shopping to test the impact on monthly and annual revenue. The result was an immediate uptick in sales and confirmation that their sales ready buyers were leveraging Google Ads to research and purchase products.

The Result

Thanks to their partnership with All Points Digital, Aerial Equipment Parts now has a robust digital marketing and ecommerce strategy that targets key buyers through their marketing. They have the necessary allocation of business development, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), and content resources that lead them to continue to be a leader in the aerial lift equipment market.

The result in investing in SEO and SEM tactics resulted in a 20% year over year growth every year since the inception of working with APD. More specifically, since working together in March 2018, AEP’s revenue has increased over 50% and their overall transactions are up +42% across all digital channels. Additionally, AEP organic transactions are up +112% since the team initiated the SEO activities. Furthermore, its organic revenue since its inception is up 104% and showing a 34.5% annual growth.

Thanks to APD’s recommendation, AEP started incorporating paid search efforts in December 2019. Revenue increased +77,799% after starting at 0. Furthermore, these search efforts returned $15.34 in sales revenue for every dollar invested in ads. It is clear that AEP’s partnership with All Points Digital, and its creation and inception of a digital marketing and ecommerce strategy resulted in increased customer base and, most importantly, revenue.