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Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School is an Ivy League Business School with the mission of educating and developing leaders, builders of enterprises, scholars, and teachers. Their vision is to develop ideas and leaders that transform the world— from the very center of business.

The Challenge

Columbia Business School’s goal was to increase qualified lead generation on their website through brochure downloads, information session registrations, and webinar registrations from prospective students.

They were looking for guidance on how to effectively segment their audiences  into categories based on the type of degree or non-degree program the web visitor was looking for.

The Solution

After looking at their site analytics, we realized that there were certain geographies aligned with specific programs. Based on this information, we reorganized the account structure by geography and developed new language around the specific KPIs in order to drive more direct conversions.

The Result

The account restructure and strategic approach has led to the following results for Columbia Business School:

  • Overall conversions increased 7%
  • Conversion rates increased by 12%
  • CPA decreased by 26%