Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control Services

In business for over 35 years, Eliminate ‘Em is a family-owned business providing humane pest control services. They serve clients throughout Connecticut as well as parts of Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.
How does a local pest control business compete against the national brands?
  • Be very good at what you do and
  • Harness the power of digital marketing to expand your local presence.
Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control has always provided exemplary services, but they needed help effectively utilizing digital marketing.

The Challenge

Eliminate ‘Em began their partnership with All Points Digital (APD) with a request that many businesses can relate to: they needed a digital marketing strategy that truly generated leads. The overall goal was to increase leads, while also understanding the tactics that generated those leads and tracking which leads turned into new business. Eliminate ‘Em came to APD with a standard request: grow their business.

While traditional marketing did a great job of driving brand awareness, it offered little help in attracting quantifiable sales-ready leads. Previous digital marketing efforts also yielded questionable returns, leading to the company’s hesitation to further invest in online channels.

The ongoing challenge: execute a digital marketing strategy to generate leads as well as design the systems and processes that track and report on the return on investment of digital marketing efforts.

The Solution

The APD team clearly understood the technological and strategic challenges Eliminate ‘Em was facing. They also knew they had the opportunity to work with a strong brand that was simply lacking the effective digital marketing required to elevate their exposure in the markets they serve.

Based on the Eliminate ‘Em business goals, APD implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Some tactics included:

  • Local Service Ads
    • Advertising dollars spent only on qualified leads
    • Tailored to local service providers in specific industries
    • Top position on search engine results
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Maximize the number of “free” organic leads
    • Ensure search engines displayed Eliminate ‘Em in relevant search results (Google must know who you are, what you do and WHERE you provide services)
    • Enable the business to be found by those searching “near me” for towns in the service areas
  • Enhanced Lead Tracking & Attribution
    • Quantify return on investment for each digital marketing channel and campaign
    • Aggregate and analyze data across systems from click, to call, to conversion
    • Leverage inbound call recordings to measure lead quality and true ad performance

The Result

An examination of the partnership between APD and Eliminate ‘Em clearly demonstrates that when working with a strong brand, explicitly understanding their sales and marketing goals and aligning tactics specific to those goals, the results are exemplary.

APD and Eliminate ‘Em began their partnership in 2020 and the results speak for themselves:

  • 301.96% return on the investment in their local ads (YoY)
  • 291.24% return on digital marketing investment (YoY)
  • 26% increase in revenue/29% increase in leads (H1 2021 vs H1 2019)

For local service companies interested in investing in digital marketing, look for a partner that understands all of the available opportunities. A partner should be knowledgeable in all digital marketing best practices and an expert in the tactics that will positively impact a local business’s reach. In their work with Eliminate ‘Em, APD developed a comprehensive strategy leveraging local service ads, Google My Business listing(s), review solicitation, and SEO strategies to capture the services and coverage area. Keep in mind that reporting is key: you can’t track what you can’t measure. Working with APD ensured Eliminate ‘Em had the tools to track the metric (leads generated) that mattered to them!