ranch roofing website mockup

Ranch Roofing

Started by four employees two decades ago, Ranch Roofing’s mission was to provide residential roofing services to Boston area homeowners with ranch-style homes. Bob O’Sullivan, the President and founder of Ranch Roofing, believed that if he could perfect a roofing system on a single style of home, he could develop strong customer relationships with high quality, consistent, installs. Today, Ranch Roofing has become a trusted expert on all styles of houses in the Boston area, such as Arlington, Cambridge, Lexington, and other surrounding communities.
In the fall of 2015, Ranch Roofing approached All Points Digital (APD) with a specific request to develop a new website to demonstrate their value proposition to their customers. More specifically, as a premium roofing contractor, Ranch Roofing desired a website that reflected their high quality customer service and roofing installation. Their old site was dated, which gave potential customers the wrong impression. Ranch Roofing wanted a website that clearly articulated that the company was thriving and could address all potential customers’ roofing requests.
Through initial conversations, APD learned that Ranch Roofing did not have any internal marketing resources or marketing expertise. Furthermore, previous experiences with marketing partners led to disappointing results. Ranch Roofing contacted APD so that they could unload the marketing work on a trusted partner in order to maintain focus on their main business objectives.

The Challenge

When discussions began in 2015, the initial challenge for APD was to redesign the Ranch Roofing website from both a functional and a strategic perspective. The Ranch Roofing sales team hoped that a new site would improve their positioning with potential customers and secure the site against frequent hacks.

After the initial website redesign, APD continued to provide website maintenance services for Ranch Roofing, but there was minimal focus on a full-service digital marketing strategy. The primary focus of APD’s strategy was website maintenance and technical SEO activities, local search engine optimization (SEO), such as hyperlocal citations, and driving brand awareness on Facebook.

Over time, the Ranch Roofing team shifted their mindset around digital marketing and wanted to develop a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy to continue growing the company. Thanks to the impact APD was able to make with low hanging maintenance activities and leveraging just a few tactical SEO actions, the Ranch Roofing and APD partnership continued to expand.

In 2019, Ranch Roofing agreed with APD’s recommendation to prioritize SEO efforts. Ranch Roofing realized the direct correlation between APD’s work and increased revenue. The next step was to determine how to leverage this success and APD’s expertise in digital marketing. APD recommended an investment in paid ads with a prioritization of local ads because they lead to more direct calls. Furthermore, APD recommended that the best course of action was to have these local ads managed by a direct employee because these customer inquiries require an immediate response. Additionally, as the relationship between the two companies continued to blossom, Ranch Roofing needed help providing APD with internal marketing information. So, APD helped Ranch Roofing hire a on-staff marketer to address the local ads and to manage their growing marketing needs.

The Solution

APD developed a roadmap for Ranch Roofing’s digital media strategy that focused on content strategy, paid ads, data, and reporting. This strategy was so successful that Ranch Roofing reached a point where they wanted to bring social media in-house, but were uncertain as to how to hire for internal marketing resources. APD helped to source and hire trained and high-quality marketing employees. While the on-staff marketer focuses on local ads, APD continues to create and maintain the content calendar, blog editing, keyword research, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), and local tactics. APD and Ranch Roofing have become a true team as they work together to grow Ranch Roofing’s business through a vast array of digital marketing strategies.

The Result

A quantitative analysis of Ranch Roofing’s partnership with APD shows how successful digital marketing strategies can be for an already well-established business. Organic traffic to Ranch Roofing’s website increased, and high quality leads through paid search increased revenue versus primarily relying on referrals.

Upon deployment of the new site, APD began work on basic and maintenance activities on their website in January 2016. Then, in January 2020, APD began executing their comprehensive digital strategy. An analysis of 2017-2019 (APD basic service) versus 2020-2022 (APD full service) demonstrates how a comprehensive strategy produces revenue growth:

  • Organic Traffic increased 129.5% (achieving a 5% MoM organic growth rate)
  • Improved Bounce Rate by 8.5% (keeping potential customers on the site)
  • Increased Town Page Traffic
    • Top 10 Towns (local markets) all increased by over 100% in traffic

Furthermore, APD began paid search campaigns in March 2020.Via a prior consultant, Ranch Roofing was running a high-level branded search campaign from 2016 thru 2020. In discussions about increasing the company’s growth, APD recommended paid search and optimized the campaign structure, along with leveraging new types of campaigns such as Smart Call campaigns. These paid search campaigns resulted in:

  • 733 conversions in last 2 years (around 30/month)
  • Increase 1082% or 45% MoM growth
  • Average CPC $7.34 (decrease of 17%)
  • Conversion Rate increased 88% to 14.12%

As Ranch Roofing and All Points Digital have worked together over the last 7 years, Ranch Roofing has benefited from both APD’s basic and comprehensive digital marketing services. An analysis of the last two years, in which APD provided a wide variety of digital marketing tactics, demonstrates the power of digital marketing in building a company’s revenue and overall success.