Blue Sky Energy

Blue Sky Energy engineers and manufactures components of solar products, and sells these items to a network of OEMs, distributors, and retail clients. 

The Challenge

The complexity of customer and role-based pricing, accounting, and shipping policies created a series of impediments to accepting and fulfilling online orders from the B2B customer base.

The Solution

Blue Sky engaged us to architect and implement a highly customized, integrated, and automated online ordering process that could handle the sophistication of their business without sacrificing ease of use.

The team selected WooCommerce, the e-commerce plugin for WordPress, as the basis for this new platform. A hybrid of off-the-shelf plugins and custom business rules were combined to implement functionality which:

  • Allows customers to register and be approved for role-specific pricing
  • Accepts orders through a sortable one-page order form
  • Facilitates the modeling and creation of custom products
  • Processes payments via credit card (Stripe) or invoice (QuickBooks)
  • Orchestrates shipping (ShipStation) via multiple carriers, drop ship locations, and accounts  
  • Transmits orders for remote fulfillment

The Result

Blue Sky Energy has dramatically streamlined its business-to-business operations, from customer onboarding through order delivery. Blue Sky has successfully automated:

  • Highly custom B2B pricing based on client, role, and quantity
  • Invoice creation and customer balance checks with Quickbooks
  • Shipping labels creation and order tracking with ShipStation
  • Creation of custom product firmware via a proprietary software package
  • Fulfillment with an external partner